By the Website Vulnerability Numbers: .Net XSS Request Validation Bypass

There are a million variations of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), some more interesting than others. Back in August 2012 a post entitled, “.Net Cross Site Scripting – Request Validation Bypassing,” from Quotium caught our eye. The filter-bypass technique they described looked extremely trivial, only a single % character was necessary, but it worked all the same.

“This is caused by the fact that although ‹tag› is restricted by the Request Validation filter, ‹%tag› is not restricted but parsed by Internet Explorer browsers as a valid tag.‹%tag style=”xss:expression(alert(123))” ›

The other notable point was that for some reason, which may be entirely reasonable, Microsoft opted to NOT address the issue. .Net developers are advised that they must provide adequate defense on their own.

At WhiteHat Security, a big part of our job is helping them do exactly that. Our research team added checks to WhiteHat Sentinel to identify this XSS variant. In the months since, we scanned 10,000+ websites and waited to see if anything turned up. So far, we’ve identified exactly 20 websites that are vulnerable to this specific issue. Not a huge number in terms of percentage of websites, but there it is.



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